VIBM has been selected to expand and modernize the existing baggage handling system, in order to improve the quality and reliability of the system and also to expand the yearly capacity from 50 million pieces of luggage to 70 million pieces. Several above- and underground building structures, have been added to the existing block of buildings recently.

Large halls have been added to the D-pier and to the southern part of Schiphol. A large underground luggage storage facility has been established. Currently a subproject is being realized to join all existing and new luggage handling systems together.

Project description

To facilitate maintenance of and access to the baggage handling system, which consists of conveyors, scanners, robots etc., a huge number of platforms had to be installed. The assignment for Conbit Engineering was to design and engineer the platforms, including stairs, ladders, handrails, kick plates etc.

Due to the complexity of the conveyor layout, the relatively limited space available for the platform structure and the working practice of the client, the whole structure has been modeled in 3D for the structural analysis and drawings. This also led to the possibility to check the input of various disciplines to prevent 'clashes' of the platform structure with the baggage handling system, building structure, installations and spaces / envelopes reserved for transport vehicles.

Applied codes

ISO 14122 Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machinery
NEN 6069 Experimentele bepaling van de brandwerendheid van bouwdelen en bouwproducten en het classificeren daarvan
NEN 6700 Technical principles for building structures - TGB 1990 - General principles

Click here to download the Baggage handling system schiphol airport datasheet.

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