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Conbit has been involved in a wide range of projects, offers specialised equipment and solutions, and can provide you with special services as described on this website. Here you will find a variety of case studies that illustrate the high quality you can expect when working with Conbit.

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Retractable flares Thailand

Conbit expertise was requested to assist with the lowering of the riser pipes of GSP5 & GSP6, so they would be accessible for maintenance. Besides supervision, Conbit was also responsible for the procurement of lifting equipment.

Guy wire maintenance – Vietnam

Conbit was requested to assist with the maintenance of the guy wires including inspection, tension measurement, tensioning and greasing.

Conbit services retractable flares MLNG

Maintenance and modifications on a retractable flare in Malaysia at MLNG’s refinery in East Malaysia.

Bongkot Flare Tip Replacement

Flare tip replacement on the Bongkot platform together with the team of its local partner, CR Asia.

Modular Lifting System

Standardized temporary offshore lifting systems with a capacity of 5-45 tonnes allows the installation of modules and components outside the reach of the platform crane.

Offshore Skidding of Compressor Module

Conbit performed the skidding and jacking operations to install the 340mT compression module on the GDF E17a-A platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

Filter skid structure


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