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Conbit has been involved in a wide range of projects, offers specialised equipment and solutions, and can provide you with special services as described on this website. Here you will find a variety of case studies that illustrate the high quality you can expect when working with Conbit.

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Halfdan BD Crane Boom Repair, Denmark

Halfdan Crane Boom Replacement, Denmark

Gajah Baru Flare Tip Replacement, Indonesia

Cakerawala Flare Tip Works, Malaysia

Anoa Deck Extension, Indonesia

Flare tip replacement, D-Island, Kazakhstan

Flare tip replacement, Kashagan Onshore Processing Facility

Flare tip replacement, Marlin B, Australia

Installing accommodation modules, FPSO Baobab

Guy wire and tensioners exchange, Turkey

Guy wire tensioning for Fadhili Gas Programme

Conbit was contracted to undertake the necessary inspection and maintenance of the guy wires six per flare, and ensure that all five greenfield flares were vertical for NHS, with Saudi Aramco as the end client.

Bongkot North Flare Tip Replacement in Thailand

Conbit was tasked with performing the flare tip replacement at the Bangkot North gas field, located 100km offshore in the Gulf of Thailand.

West Kingfish Flare tip replacement , Australia

Guy wire maintenance – Oman

Conbit was contracted to perform the tensioning work to a flare stack for OXY OCCIDENTAL in Oman. The end termination of the wire ropes had to be reinstated to the prescribed minimum of seven cable claps per connection. To perform the guy wire [...]

Transportation and storage of monopiles and transition pieces – UK

Conbit was contracted to provide the engineering system and design saddles for the transportation of monopiles (MPs), as well as an X frame for transition pieces (TPs) at the ABLE UK yard, UK.

Flare tip replacement – Australia

ExxonMobil contacted Conbit for the offshore flare tip replacement project at the Snapper (SNA) platform.

Transport analysis transition pieces

ALE was awarded a project to transport Transition Pieces (TPs). The TPs will be transported via the River Tees from the manufacturer to the Able Port. For this project, ALE uses two existing types of grillages for transporting the transition [...]

Retractable flares Thailand

Conbit expertise was requested to assist with the lowering of the riser pipes of GSP5 & GSP6, so they would be accessible for maintenance. Besides supervision, Conbit was also responsible for the procurement of lifting equipment.

Flare-tip windshroud replacement – Malaysia

Conbit delivered the lifting engineering, crew and lifting equipment, as well as the offshore execution of the wind shroud replacement and flare tip maintenance works.

Baronia BNCPP-B Flare-Tip Handling System – Retractable Davit

Conbit prepared the structural design of the flare-tip handling system, which featured a retractable davit as the main lifting equipment. And delivered the lifting equipment

Offshore Flare Tip Replacement – Malampaya

Well prepared offshore flare tip replacement in the West Philippine Sea

Challenging flare tip replacement – Bongkot North

Thanks to its vast expertise in flare-tip replacement, the Conbit and CR Asia team managed to complete the operation successfully, safely and ahead of schedule.

Flare tip replacement ANOA AGX

Contract for the replacement services of the flare tip, including the required engineering and the actual replacing of the existing flare tip with a new flare tip, which was supplied by Kotaminyak.

Offshore lifting: Living quarters Total K6-P

Creating lifting capacity outside the reach of the deck crane, without requiring a designated lifting vessel, is a challenge Conbit loves to take on. Conbit was awarded a contract for lifting two offshore accommodation units on the K6-P [...]

Offshore helideck replacement

Total E&P requested Conbit to provide its lifting expertise to replace the helideck on the F15-A platform.

Guy wire maintenance – Vietnam

Conbit was requested to assist with the maintenance of the guy wires including inspection, tension measurement, tensioning and greasing.

Offshore installation of a PAU (Pre-assembled unit)

Successful offshore transport and installation: Pre Assemble Unit

Lifting of Lay Down Area Extension – Total E&P North Sea

Because the available deck crane could not be used for this lifting operation, Conbit was asked to provide a solution.

Mabruk shelter and helideck installation BD-1

Installation of an emergency shelter and helideck on the BD-1 offshore platform of Mabruk Oil Operations by Total and NOC.

Hook up support of topside for offshore platform

Conbit was contracted to engineer lifting plans and execute lifting operations during an offshore installation campaign.

Latics – Telecom Tower Reinforcement

Conbit has developed Latics for reinforcement of towers: a solution for greater strength and less deflection of your telecom tower.

Structural reinforcement of high voltage pylons

Conbit offers complete engineering services for high-voltage pylon sites. We make designs and calculations for strengthening of structures and foundations, and we are one of the few companies in the Netherlands that performs full high-voltage [...]

High voltage pylon elevation

Jacking of high voltage pylons, from engineering to project execution

Offshore diesel tank replacement Euro platform

Venko Offshore awarded Conbit a contract for the offshore replacement of two diesel storage tanks on the Euro platform located in the Dutch sector of the North Sea

Offshore lifting and installation of a cable riser protection frame

IV-Oil & Gas awarded Conbit a contract for the lifting and installation of a cable riser protection frame. IV contracted Conbit because of our specialist lifting know-how, engineering capability and thorough work preparations.

Offshore cooler replacement J6A platform

Centrica awarded Conbit a contract for lifting and project management services that were necessary in replacing four coolers on their J6A platform

Agbami flare works and flare tip replacement

The flare tip replacement on the Agbami FPSO of Chevron Nigeria Limited, is another example of a successful combination of engineering, preparation and 0n-site construction.

Offshore flare tip replacement and maintenance activities – Dana Hanze North Sea

Conbit was awarded the contract to perform maintenance activities on the flare installation of Dana’s Hanze platform. One of the main activities was to design a flare tip handling system which can replace the HP flare tip (weight: 536 kg) [...]

Flare tip handling study for offshore platform

Conbit was requested by GBA to provide the basic and detailed engineering for a flare tip handling system design.

GSP Saturn – King Post Load Test

Conbit designed the load test configuration, supplied and installed the necessary equipment and performed the load test.

Offshore rigging – Separator replacement

Conbit provided its offshore rigging expertise to replace a separator on the deck of the F15-A platform.

Below-deck lifting: Offshore storage tank replacement

Venko Offshore awarded Conbit a contract for the offshore replacement of two diesel storage tanks. Conbit was given this project because of our below-deck lifting know-how and extensive experience in offshore operations

Offshore crane exchange GAZ de France L10-A North Sea

Conbit provided the best solution in terms of structural design and procedures for offshore crane exchange.

OFON2 Flare Tip Replacement

Replaced the flare tip on the OFON2 complex, offshore Nigeria. A team of 5 people completed the job within a limited shutdown period.

Offshore crane replacement L10-E

Conbit performed a combination of structural design, lifting and mechanical works for the crane replacement on the L10-E well protector platform in the North Sea.

Monopile handling and skidding

Solution for the handling of the Meerwind project monopiles where a new jack-up vessel has been designed and supplied.

Cable pulling assistance

Conbit supported Prysmian Group in pulling cables for Global Tech One Offshore Wind GmbH, the offshore wind farm operating company.

Conbit supports Centrica with lift below helideck

Below deck lift of an offshore platform directly from a supply vessel. Conbit delivered installation engineering & installation of oil tank under helideck

Conbit services retractable flares MLNG

Maintenance and modifications on a retractable flare in Malaysia at MLNG’s refinery in East Malaysia.

Flare Tip Handling Kit

The flare tip handling kit allows future flare tip replacements with a system which is available in the operator’s warehouse.

Helideck perimeter netting installation

Conbit installed Frictape helideck perimeter netting on a Dana Petroleum’s platform in the North Sea in just 10 days.

Grillage & seafastening

Holstein North module grillage & seafastening.

Bongkot Flare Tip Replacement

Flare tip replacement on the Bongkot platform together with the team of its local partner, CR Asia.

F15-A Lifting Services During Shutdown

Conbit supplied lifting assistance in many lifting and rigging activities such the helideck, water treatment and injection facility and a separator.

Offshore flare tip repair works

Repair works on the flare tips and access platform of FPSO Girassol. The project included the supply of specialised equipment and the offshore works.

Modular Lifting System

Standardized temporary offshore lifting systems with a capacity of 5-45 tonnes allows the installation of modules and components outside the reach of the platform crane.

Crane Boom Tip Replacement Offshore

Conbit coordinated the complete installation of the new crane boom tip on the L7P platform for Total E&P Netherlands.

Successful subsea tree installation on the North Sea

Conbit assisted with the safe and efficient lifting of a subsea tree, performed directly from a supply vessel with relatively sensitive equipment.

Offshore Skidding of Compressor Module

Conbit performed the skidding and jacking operations to install the 340mT compression module on the GDF E17a-A platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

ALBA B3 Flare tip replacement

For the Alba-B3 compression platform Conbit delivered an exchange proposal and flare tip handling method for the future operation.

Greenfield site

Antennas and dishes are installed on the lattice tower; directly on the pile or on a secondary construction of the pile.

Rooftop site

Antennas are installed on wall mounted poles or pole frames located on the roof of a building. Sites like these need careful engineering because of the existing (weak) wall construction.

High voltage pylons

Conbit can do the complete design for antenna holders, engineer the whole Pylon or design strengthening.

Historic buildings

Sites on historic buildings should be given special attention to reduce the visibility of the telecom installation and to engineer it according special mounting specifications.

FPSO stair tower

FPSO Saxi Batuque Stair Tower.

Helideck structural analysis

Conbit is providing the servicing and checks for existing helidecks with S-92 helicopters for approvals by DNV or Lloyds.

Topside concept design

Filter skid structure

Wind turbine tilt frame

Wind turbine tilt frame for hub and blades.

Offshore lift entrusted to Conbit

Design and engineering of a dedicated lift solution for the installation of a deck extension on the K2b-A platform to facilitate a coil tubing job.

HPU Skid Module Design

P. van den Oever awarded Conbit the design and engineering contract for the module covering a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).

Baggage handling platforms

Conbit designed and engineered the platforms for the Schiphol baggage handling system, including stairs, ladders, handrails, kick plates etc.

Offshore Helideck Service

Conbit’s engineers and technicians have worked on many offshore helidecks and have seen the development over the years.


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