Sea-fastening solution: Vickas

The offshore wind-energy industry demands re-usable sea-fastening structures. Vickas supplies the solution. The system allows for safe sea fastening of monopiles with a large variety of diameters. Vickas can be used over and over again on different foundation-installation projects. Its flexibility, cost effectiveness and operational speed make Vickas a valuable contribution to any monopile transport and installation project.


  • Suitable on all types of vessels, including jack-up barges, heavy lifting vessels, barges and near-shore vessels.
  • Offers flexibility in planning your transport and installation project
  • Cost effective sea-fastening rental system, because it is a generic solution.
  • Due to its flexible design, Vickas offers time-saving rapid mobilisation.
  • Vickas is robustly designed to suit offshore environments and crews.

High capacity sea-fastening solution

Vickas is designed to carry monopiles weighing up to 1350 tonnes. At this maximum load, a 30/70 ballast division between two Vickas cradles is assumed. Higher loads are possible if the division is more balanced (for example, 45/55). A single Vickas cradle can support approximately 950 tonnes.



Vickas is designed to make stacking possible. The above-mentioned design criteria and motions are also applicable to the stacked configuration.


Replaceable rubber pads

The monopiles rest on rubber pads. These are of durable material and meet the friction requirements. Despite their durability, the pads are likely to be damaged during a project. That is why the Vickas rubber pads are easily replaceable. Little time is needed to complete the task, and no special tools are required.


Skidding possible

Most offshore cranes cannot bear the load of monopiles at every position on deck. For this purpose, many transport and installation contractors choose for a skidding solution. The monopiles are skidded within reach of the deck crane for further upending. Vickas is designed to facilitate skidding.


Flexible deck layout

Deck girders can be used to create clearance between the deck and the bottom of the monopile In this way, containers can be handled underneath the stored monopiles. The system is designed to effectively distribute loads over different strong-point configurations. This enables Vickas to be used on many different types of vessels and barges.


Download the Vickas Flyer here

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