Conbit was awarded a contract covering a flare tip handling kit. Its many years of experience in flare tip replacements all over the world convinced the world’s largest flare tip manufacturer to choose Conbit. The combination of experience in the field and the engineering competencies available within Conbit are the perfect combination for supplying this critical piece of equipment.

More and more future operators and owners of new platforms and FPSOs require handling solutions for critical modules on their offshore asset. The flare tip is regarded as a difficult component to handle. Offshore conditions make a flare tip replacement job challenging. Future operators understand that the initial design of their asset has great impact on the total cost of ownership. Realizing the importance of mechanical handling possibilities will save resources in the future. The supply of the flare tip handling kit is an example of this awareness.

The flare tip handling kit allows future flare tip replacements with a system which is available in the operator’s warehouse. Before a planned shutdown, a load test can be conducted and all equipment can be certified again (if necessary). In this way, the system is fit for purpose before the start of the shutdown. Most uncertainties involved in a flare tip replacement job can be eliminated.

The supply of a flare tip handling system is divided into three phases: Engineering, Procurement and Test and packaging.

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