Towers and Stacks Division Success

Since launching the Towers and Stacks division in mid-2016, Conbit has already noticed the success of the new division.

“Previously, we were only focusing on Telecom engineering and, in light of our track records and experience in offshore markets, we could see how the potential opportunities combined with our transferable skills to provide this new service offering,” explains Deniz Him, Towers and Stacks Manager.

“Despite the competitive onshore marketplace, we decided to expand our expertise and over the last year we have completed the engineering and maintenance scopes for flare stacks and vent stacks for several sites.”

Some of the recent projects we have successfully completed include guy wire maintenance in Vietnam and flare system maintenance in Thailand.

Similarly, we are reaching out to current and new clients at partner events, such as CR Asia in Thailand, where we showcased a lifting boom typically used in offshore and onshore flare tip replacement projects.

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