Offshore wind industry sea fastening

Conbit offers engineering and procurement services for the sea fastening of offshore wind installation projects. For monopile (MP) or transition-piece (TP) sea fastening, Conbit is your partner.

A major challenge in offshore installation of wind turbines is transporting and installing large numbers of extremely heavy components. Sea fastening is necessary to transport such components from the fabrication yard to the marshalling port or from the quayside to the installation location. Conbit is highly experienced in optimum design of sea fastening, which is determined by a combination of vessel motions, weather restrictions, deck layout, installation procedure and, of course, vessel strength.

In many cases, the sea fastening system is combined with the installation procedure. Our clients request combinations with upending and or skidding. Stacking monopoles to optimise deck space is often involved.

Monopile sea fastening

Conbit has developed Vickas, a reusable monopile grillage and sea-fastening solution. Our patented design allows sea fastening of a variety of diameters using the same equipment. It can be positioned on the deck of a transport or installation vessel. After being lifted into the Vickas cradles, a monopile needs no additional lashing. Monopiles of up to 1350 tonnes can be sea fastened into the Vickas cradles.

Your partner in lifting projects, lifting equipment and towers/stacks
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