Offshore installation services

Conbit provides turnkey offshore installation services. As a specialist in offshore load-handling and structural engineering, Conbit has completed a wide variety of offshore installation projects. Conbit provides a complete service, starting with pick-up of the module from the manufacturer’s site and ending on completion of the installation procedure.
For an overview of the projects we have executed, please see our case-studies page.

Alternative lifting

Conbit combines specialist engineering and well-trained offshore teams to offer the offshore industry lifting services with a uniquely high level of quality assurance. We have extensive experience in using either existing lifting resources that are available offshore or our own temporary lifting solutions. Our Lifting Services Division is specialised in installation of offshore modules, often without the need for a heavy lifting vessel or jack-up barge. In situations in which such vessels would be more effective and efficient for certain parts of the project, we combine our alternative solutions with conventional solutions to maximise efficiency and minimise shutdown time.

Conbit owns specialised lifting equipment that is custom designed or configured to complete specific types of installation. Because Conbit uses this equipment for offshore module lifting and installation, there is no need for crane vessels. We often use lightweight, temporary configurations, which can handle heavy lifting challenges. Conbit’s custom-developed suspended winches enable below-deck lifting, directly from or to a supply vessel. Furthermore, Conbit’s custom-developed boom and gantry cranes enable lifting from a platform side and also directly from or to a supply vessel. Of course, the equipment can also be used for platform lifts.

Engineering support

Conbit’s structural engineering background enables us to support the client in major decisions regarding structural integrity during and after installation. If structural changes entail re certification of the complete offshore asset, Conbit even offers complete life-time extension programmes.

Project Management

Throughout a challenging installation process, Conbit provides the required project management. Our project managers are experienced in coordinating all aspects of the assignment, including transport and sea-fastening, offshore crew arrangements, HAZID or other safety aspects, etc. They also coordinate the activities in relation to the various third-party certification bodies, such as DNV and Lloyds.

The Conbit team is highly motivated to offer turnkey installation services for the most challenging projects, safely and efficiently.

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