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Offshore wind energy

Conbit is your trusted partner for services related to turbines and substations in the offshore wind-energy industry.

Wind turbines

Conbit provides engineering, project management and procurement services in relation to transport and installation of turbine parts such as monopiles, jackets and transition pieces, etc. We also design lifting plans and provide lifting supervision.

Wind substations

For offshore wind substations, Conbit provides installation services in the form of lifting plans, lifting equipment and the execution of lifting and installation operations. With our special equipment we provide lifting capacity and lifting solutions not possible with regular deck-cranes. This makes it possible to execute certain types of maintenance and installation operations without the need for heavy crane vessels.

About offshore wind energy

A large proportion (91%) of the world’s offshore wind-energy generating capacity is currently installed in Northwest Europe: in the Baltic, Irish and North Seas and in the English Channel. Offshore wind energy is becoming increasingly important not only in Europe but also in non- European countries, where this technology is being incorporated into governmental energy planning.

The importance of offshore wind energy is also demonstrated by the fact that this technology is a key component of the European Union’s firm commitment to source 20% of its energy consumption from renewables. Currently, the United States has outstanding wind resources offshore and China has set itself an ambitious target for installations by 2020.

Building wind farms offshore has benefits including:

  • Offshore winds generally blow more frequently and at higher speeds than onshore winds, so offshore turbines can be smaller. A small increase in average wind speed represents a large increase in energy output.
  • Offshore winds tend to blow more steadily than on land, making this source of wind energy more reliable.
  • Most of the world’s largest cities are located near a coastline. For large-scale developments, therefore, offshore wind is suitable because long transmission lines are not necessary.
  • An excellent job, guys. Really a demonstration of professional approach, planning and execution of a very demanding challenge. I am fully satisfied with the job done, also with the personal approach of each individual throughout. - Thank you!

    Thomas K. Hansen
    Thomas K. Hansen Tennet


Wind Divisions

Lifting Services for Offshore Wind

Conbit provides lifting services for the offshore wind market.

Lifting Equipment for Offshore Wind

Conbit provides hoisting and lifting equipment for offshore wind companies.

Integrated Projects for Offshore Wind

Conbit offers turnkey solutions for the offshore wind industry. Specialist resources are merged into a single project team and inefficiencies are eliminated.

Services for Wind

  • Conbit people understand the value of awareness for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment. We encourage and motivate our stakeholders to do the same.  

    Conbit Joop de Fouw / Technical director

Conbit case studies for the wind industry

Offshore wind, the most frequently discussed topic in the wind energy industry, currently represents about 3% of the global installed power-generation capacity. It is a relatively new technology, which is set to reduce wind-energy costs, and will advance in the short term. Conbit has acquired considerable know-how through experience in the offshore wind-energy industry. Read about our lifting projects and sea fastening specifically for the wind industry. Or look at Vickas, our Monopile seafastening product.

Offshore lifting and installation of a cable riser protection frame

Monopile handling and skidding

Cable pulling assistance

Helideck perimeter netting installation

Grillage & seafastening



FPAL Verified. Conbit is audited by FPAL on quality, safety, health, environment, competencies and training in the oil and gas industry

SCC **

SCC ** certificate for Conbit. It is a safety certificate for contractors (VCA**). It proves Conbit’s commitment to safety.


An EKH certificate shows that Conbit inspects, repair and maintain lifting and rigging equipment according to EKH procedures, and guidelines. It is similar to LEEA.

ISO 9001

Conbit is ISO 9001 certified . ISO is a quality standard that shows Conbit commitment to continuously improving their organization.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 shows that Conbit fulfills the requirements for an environmental management system developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 45001

Conbit is ISO 45001 certified. It is the new ISO standard that is being developed for occupational safety and health.
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