20 Years of experience within the field of Oil & Gas.

Offshore oil and gas companies

Offshore projects

Installation and maintenance works in an oil and gas offshore environment can be extremely challenging. The environmental conditions, as well as access to most locations, are quite different to onshore locations. Conbit understands these challenges. Conbit has been working for oil and gas companies for more than a decade and can analyse project and operational risks and take appropriate measures.

Offshore installation and maintenance operations are Conbit’s speciality, especially when lifting or heavy-load handling is involved. Conbit execute such operations at difficult-to-access locations such as below or between decks or high on the stack. By means of special equipment and well-trained crews, Conbit successfully executes the most challenging projects.

Internationally active

Conbit has executed offshore projects all over the world and is familiar with the special logistics procedures some countries demand before equipment or crew is allowed in. Whenever necessary, we work with local partners to facilitate projects in this regard.

For the oil and gas market, Conbit provide services including:

  • Installation of offshore oil and gas modules
  • Maintenance on oil and gas platforms or FPSO’s
  • Replacement of offshore modules
  • Inspections, lifetime extension analysis, recertification of platforms
  • Decommissioning of modules
  • Decommissioning preparations for heavy lift
  • Decommissioning lift analysis
  • Structural engineering design
  • Management was very happy with the performance of the execution because it was critical activity that was completed on time, on budget and safely

    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera
    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera Shell


Oil & Gas divisions

Lifting Services for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit provides lifting services for offshore oil and gas companies.

Lifting Equipment for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit provides hoisting equipment for offshore oil and gas companies.

Stacks for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit provides stacks for the oil and gas industry.

Integrated Projects for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit offers turnkey solutions for the offshore oil & gas industry. Specialist resources are merged into a single project team and inefficiencies are eliminated

Services for Oil & Gas

  • Conbit people understand the value of awareness for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment. We encourage and motivate our stakeholders to do the same.  

    Conbit Joop de Fouw / Technical director

Conbit case studies for oil and gas companies

Conbit has accumulated much relevant experience and expertise when it comes to structural design, transport and installation, and access solutions in the oil and gas industries. See our case-studies for the oil and gas industry.

Halfdan BD Crane Boom Repair, Denmark

Halfdan Crane Boom Replacement, Denmark

Gajah Baru Flare Tip Replacement, Indonesia

Cakerawala Flare Tip Works, Malaysia

Anoa Deck Extension, Indonesia



FPAL Verified. Conbit is audited by FPAL on quality, safety, health, environment, competencies and training in the oil and gas industry

SCC **

SCC ** certificate for Conbit. It is a safety certificate for contractors (VCA**). It proves Conbit’s commitment to safety.


An EKH certificate shows that Conbit inspects, repair and maintain lifting and rigging equipment according to EKH procedures, and guidelines. It is similar to LEEA.

ISO 9001

Conbit is ISO 9001 certified . ISO is a quality standard that shows Conbit commitment to continuously improving their organization.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 shows that Conbit fulfills the requirements for an environmental management system developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 45001

Conbit is ISO 45001 certified. It is the new ISO standard that is being developed for occupational safety and health.
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