Petrochemical stacks

Stacks for the petrochemical industry

Good stack design not only reduces the necessary quantity of steel but also optimizes future maintenance. Sometimes these considerations are opposites. Conbit designs stacks with future maintenance in mind. Flare stacks can be designed as a fixed stack or as a retractable flare structure. Flares can also be designed as a guy-wired structure.

Shutdown prevention

Conbit strongly prefers retractable flare structures, because this solution allows for flare-riser and flare-tip maintenance without the need for a shutdown. By having two risers in one stack, all the output can be rerouted to one riser while the other is lowered to ground level for maintenance. This requires not only a structural design of the derrick but also an integrated lifting solution to lower the riser and flare tip. This combination is Conbit’s speciality. Once the design is complete, Conbit can supply and assemble the stack if the client requests this.

If you have a retractable stack that needs maintenance, Conbit can provide you with all the necessary services.

Guy-wired structures

A guy-wired structure requires a sound maintenance strategy to ensure structural safety at all times. As the structural integrity is highly dependent on the guy wires and the tension in them, it is necessary to measure and maintain these type of structures regularly. Conbit can do this work for you. For your guy-wired structure, we offer a service-level agreement which guarantees that we manage your structure. We frequently inspect, grease and tension the wires. We analyse the structural geometry, perform or analyse structural calculations and create a suitable maintenance protocol. We also maintain a database including all necessary measures and maintenance activities.


Stacks services for the (petro-)chemical industry

Flare-Tip Replacement

Flare-tip replacement services is one of Conbit’s specialties. We offer lifting solutions for both offshore and onshore flare-tip handling services.

Retractable or demountable flare

Lower one flare stack while the other remains in operation with a retractable or demountable flare.

Rope Access Services

Conbit has a team highly experienced IRATA rope access technicians who assist in various on and offshore activities world wide

Guy Wire Towers

Conbit is specialised in servicing guy-wired towers,Our services include: structural engineering, reverse engineering, inspection, repair, maintenance and certification.

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