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As the offshore wind industry matures and increases in scale, it needs cost-effective and safe methods for maintaining its assets. The challenges of remote locations, increasingly large components, and floating conditions require specialists to take care of these challenges. Conbit is such a specialist and believes in the “power of preparation” and delivers reliable services.


Replacement of heavy components inside nacelle

Replacement of heavy components offshore has many practicalities. Conbit developed a revolutionary lifting system, the luffing gantry, supported by a base frame, connected to the base of the nacelle that sets it apart from other methods.

The gantry is suitable to lift any item weighing up to 150 tonnes and lift it from the top of the nacelle and lower it below the base frame. The gantry structure used in the lifting system enables lifting on each location from the nacelle while minimizing the impact on the supporting structure.

The load is then taken over by a winch system, which is reeved through the base frame of the gantry. A trolley connected to the tower guides the load during the lifting operation.

Replacement of the blades

Offshore wind turbine blade maintenance and replacement are part of the operation and maintenance budget for a wind farm because the wear affects the aerodynamics and decreases the performance.

Replacement of the blades creates an immense challenge due to the heavyweight, wind loads, and floater motions of the turbines. The lifting system, luffing gantry, that is connected to the nacelle and powered from the base frame was specifically developed for this purpose by Conbit. The gantry enables the removal and installation of a blade by the use of an additional blade handling tool with the capacity to handle 150 tonnes.

Crane maintenance

The availability of crane capacity is important both for wind substations and wind turbines. Several cranes at offshore wind farms require maintenance.

The cranes on substations have limited redundancy. Conbit provides maintenance services complemented with the deployment of a temporary lifting system to fulfill the minimum requirements of the substation.

The wind turbine cranes are not always in operation, but you must be able to rely on them when you need them. Conbit can perform maintenance of different kinds of wind turbine cranes. The alternative lifting capacity is also provided by Conbit to overcome the challenges of the non-operational turbine crane.

Transformer handling

The weight of the transformers exceeds the capacity of the turbine crane or davit. Conbit uses a modular lifting system to lift the transformer from the TP platform, and place it directly on a vessel. By creating this lifting capacity for the wind turbine, there is no need for crane vessels or jack-up barges.

The operators of offshore wind farms more often consider replacing the transformer with a newer model rather than repairing it. Now, this option makes more financial sense for operators thanks to the lifting system provided by Conbit.

J Tube installation & replacement

Conbit’s competency to create lifting capacity underneath existing structures forms the basis for the installation of additional or new j-tubes. Conbit provides an alternative to large marine spread by using a combination of rope access and cross-hauling techniques using Conbit’s hanging winches.

Conbit provides a relatively small set of lifting equipment as a turnkey solution making the Conbit method cost-effective.

Array cable pulling

Inter array cables are a major concern during the lifetime of the offshore wind farm because they need to be repaired or replaced often. The repairs can be done by current marine contractors at the substation or the turbine with Conbit supporting the pull-ins of the array cables through the J-tubes.

Conbit’s winches are equipped with large drums with a capacity from 1 tonne to 200 tonnes that are suitable to work in harsh offshore environments.

How to bring the winch onto and inside the wind turbine depends on the situation. The vessels in the field might be able to lift the winch, or the turbine davit or crane. But if that is not possible, Conbit will provide alternative lifting systems to bring its winches (including generator or power pack) into position.

Wall panel repair

Offshore wind substations suffer from normal wear and tear or impact resulting from crane operations. Therefore, there might be a need for the repair or replacement of wall panels. Conbit provides a turnkey solution including rope access and lifting services to deliver a safe and effective solution.


Replacing boat landings

Boat landings and fenders are installed in the splash zone. Modifications, repair, and maintenance present real challenges to the industry. Conbit performs these activities for offshore wind farm operators by using temporary lifting systems to create the required lifting capacity. A great part of the job rope access techniques can be deployed by Conbit as well as create the required access.

General rigging services

Replacing complex equipment and components require specialist riggers. Our extensive experience and know-how enable us to flawlessly manage rigging projects for the offshore wind industry by replacing switchgear, internal ladders, blast walls, etc. The riggers possess all required certificates and are qualified as bolting technicians. Together with a specialist contractor (e.g., HV specialist), Conbit can provide a turnkey solution.

Structural modifications to substations

Expensive jack-up barges and crane vessels are mobilized to complete extensive modification projects. Parts of those projects can also be completed with temporary lifting systems, such as strand-jacks and lifting booms. Conbit is capable of installing components over the site of the substation without impacting the walls of the substation with rope access that allows for access at these restricted areas.

As the wind industry matures and increases in scale, Conbit’s special lifting services ensure offshore wind farm maintenance and modifications are efficient, safe, and on schedule. We are always open to creating tailor-made solutions with our creativity and know-how to handle any offshore wind challenges.


Lifting services for the wind industry

Offshore installation

The Conbit team is highly motivated to offer turnkey offshore installation services for the most challenging projects, safely and efficiently.

Offshore Decommissioning

Conbit offers a complete decommissioning package.

Rope Access Services

Conbit has a team highly experienced IRATA rope access technicians who assist in various on and offshore activities world wide

Procurement & Fabrication

Conbit has extensive experience in coordinating the procurement and fabrication process of the designed lifting tools.

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