Integrated projects: offshore wind

'Integrated projects' for the offshore wind industry


Operators and transport and installation T&I contractors in the offshore wind industry contract Conbit to provide solutions involving marine spread and turnkey services. The ‘integrated projects’ approach is highly valued by our clients, because one point of contact is sufficient to complete an extensive project scope. Conbit’s role is to complete an installation, maintenance or modification scope by using the entire marine spread.

Conbit operates as the main contractor, project manager or as a subcontractor to the transport and installation contractor. As the main contractor we provide specialist services, whereby a project-specific marine spread makes the project more efficient. Conbit supports the transport and installation contractor in project areas that are not part of their core business.

Conbit is committed to reducing both the capital outlay for, and operating costs of, offshore wind farms. We work on projects in both shallow and deep water. We bring significant added value to deep-water projects all over the world by selecting appropriate vessels and access methods to achieve project and cost efficiency.

Typical projects in which Conbit is involved include:

  • Pulling cables at the wind turbine WTG
  • Replacing heavy components at the nacelle
  • Lifting at offshore substations outside reach of deck cranes
  • Installing supporting foundations and transition pieces
  • Installing and removing met masts

Do not hesitate to contact Conbit if:

  • You have insufficient lifting capacity at your offshore substation or wind turbine.
  • You have a large marine spread in the field that is inefficient for your lifting job.
  • You have outstanding punch items after completion of your installation or cable-laying project.
  • You operate a floating wind farm and are unable to attract economical vessels to serve your project.
  • You are looking for alternative installation techniques.


A typical project in the Offshore Wind

You have installed a wind farm but have one remaining module that needs to be installed at the substation to complete the project. However, your resources have been moved to another project. Your client and your own company are pressing you to close the project.

You can contract Conbit to take on this final project stage. Conbit will define the scope of the work, prior to reaching an agreement with you and your client that the chosen approach meets the requirements. The module will be installed within a reasonable timeframe, releasing you from the project.

Integrated Project services for offshore Wind

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