Oil and gas: integrated projects

‘Integrated projects’ for the offshore oil and gas industry


Conbit’s ‘integrated projects approach supports the offshore oil and gas industry by simplifying their projects. Operators ask Conbit to make their construction and brownfield projects as cost effective as possible. The project risk is shifted to Conbit, which is supported by the rest of the supply chain. The projects in which Conbit plays a key role require a combination of marine spread, lifting capacity and other services.

The past decade was dominated by decreasing oil and gas prices, though the costs for exploration and production rose. The industry chose to adapt to this new situation by minimising costs. The offshore facilities were therefore standardised, resulting in very basic assets. Conbit’s contribution to this standardisation process has been significant. Operators of offshore assets specify the minimum production requirements and contract Conbit to realise the offshore phase as a turnkey contractor.

Integral approach to medium-sized projects

Although the ‘integrated projects’ approach is not new to the oil and gas industry, Conbit has made it an interesting option for medium-sized projects. Large EPC contractors are familiar with such projects but are unwilling to provide services for small-scale projects. Conbit is highly motivated to provide the same (or better) service for your modification project. You, as client, retain control of the project to the extent that you desire.

Examples of projects we support:

  • Decomplexing of platforms
  • Wireline campaigns on unmanned platforms
  • Maintenance and modification projects
  • Deck-crane replacement projects
  • Below-deck modifications
  • Connecting bridge installation, modifications and removals
  • Maintenance of remote power utilities at unmanned platforms

Do not hesitate to contact Conbit if:

  • You have an offshore transport and installation project with challenging interfaces.
  • You want to maximise utilisation of your marine asset and make the marine spread an integral part of the complete project.
  • You want to outsource the capital-intensive scope items at a late stage in the project, but still want to benefit from technical and operational knowledge and experience of the market.
  • You need to convince internal and external stakeholders that the project plan is feasible before starting the project.

Integrated Project services for the offshore Oil & Gas industry

Relevant case Studies for Integrated Projects in Oil & Gas

Halfdan BD Crane Boom Repair, Denmark

Halfdan Crane Boom Replacement, Denmark

Gajah Baru Flare Tip Replacement, Indonesia

Cakerawala Flare Tip Works, Malaysia

Anoa Deck Extension, Indonesia

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