Conbit starts a new Business Unit: Conbit High Tech

Conbit stands out with our practical no-nonsense approach and our long-term experience operating in many industries. With our international experience in design and lifting, we are quick to adapt to various cultures and working practices. Looking for opportunities to expand our operation using our experience, knowledge, and international network, we started a new Business Unit for the High-Tech industry.

This new BU, Conbit High Tech, will provide lifting and handling equipment and services for the High-Tech Industry. Using our extensive knowledge in special lifting and handling we can offer a full scope, from design and supply of new tools to special projects for handling and lifting on-site.

As a one-stop shop for special lifting and handling equipment, tools and services, Conbit HT will provide the following:

  • Design and engineering of customer specific tools and equipment
  • Supply Conbit HT designed tools and equipment
  • Supply customer designed tools and equipment
  • Inspect, test, and certify tools and equipment
  • Maintain and repair tools and equipment
  • On-site handling services
  • Special project lifting and handling worldwide

Combining our in-house knowledge and experience, close collaboration with our sister companies Mammoet and Eriks, and very open communication and collaboration with our customers makes Conbit HT a unique partner within the world of High Tech handling and lifting.

Paul Staal will lead the new business development while Jacco Wanten will be the Technical Lead of the business unit. As Conbit HT is situated in the heart of Brainport, Eindhoven, it’s aim is to grow the volume of its services throughout the industry and expand into other industries. For queries on what Conbit HT can do for your company, please contact:

Paul Staal
High Tech Business Unit Manager

Jacco Wanten
High Tech Technical Lead

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