The Cakerawala Gas Field is located offshore in the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 150 km northeast of Kota Bharu, Malaysia.

The Cakerawala field development project consists of six wellhead platforms (CKA, CKB, CKC, BLA, BMA and SYA), a central processing platform with living quarters (CKP), a riser platform (CKR) and an FSO (Puteri Cakerawala).


The project included replacing two windshrouds, each weighing 250 kg, and repairing and reinforcing a third windshroud, weighing 800 kg. Some necessary flare-tip maintenance activities were also performed.


For this project, Conbit applied one of its own temporary modular-lifting solutions, which provides a safe and cost-efficient solution to lifting challenges. Each flare tower is custom designed; therefore, each installation requires its own procedures and specially designed lifting systems. Our engineering department in the Netherlands provided all the necessary design and engineering.


The equipment Conbit provided for this project:

  • Lightweight lift booms (Conbit SL340 – 4m and Conbit SL340 – 6m)
  • Lift winch and a service winch
  • Full set of certified rigging materials and spare materials
  • Welding equipment


The lifting structure needed to be assembled on the top platform during shutdown. Maintenance activities during a shutdown are always critical and need to be well prepared and effectively managed on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, some partial assembly and preparation work was done before shutdown,  to minimize the necessary work during the shutdown and thus the shutdown time. The crew consisted of six men, including a team leader, rope‑access (IRATA level 3 & 1) technicians and two welders. CR Asia employees participated in the offshore crew.

Again, Conbit’s extensive experience with these projects, contributed to the successful execution of this project, done safely and on time.

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