The flare tip at the flare tip access platform (FTAP) required replacement during the shutdown. A base frame and lift boom were utilised to perform the mechanical handling in the removal of a pre-existing flare tip and replacement with a new one weighing 442kg and measuring 3.747mm x 819mm. A supply vessel was used to move the existing and new flare tip to and from the platform.

It was completed within four days.

The Kingfish A (KFA), Kingfish B (KFB) and West Kingfish (WKF) platforms are located within Production Area VIC/L07 approximately 72 to 77 km off the Gippsland coast in approximately 77 to 78 m of water depth. The KFA platform is connected to the KFB platform by the KFAKFB400 pipeline; the KFB platform is connected to the Halibut (HLA) platform by the KFB-HLA500 pipeline; and the WKF platform is connected to the KFA platform by the WKF-KFA300 pipeline.


Conbit prepared for the manoeuvre with a thorough engineering plan and ensured all operators were well-trained and were expertise in flare-tip operations. Conbit monitored the sea state and the wind speed. The flare tip access platform had a sufficient amount of strong points to carry the loads of the lifting system and the flare tip. To assure all stakeholders involved, factory acceptance test (FAT) took place during the engineering phase at the Conbit warehouse, with the client witnessing it.


Conbit was required to mobilise the equipment in a very short timeframe, which tested the logistics team’s ability. With expert planning and shipping of equipment, Conbit could negotiate this challenge.


Conbit monitored the weather prior to and during operations as bad weather was anticipated which had the potential to limit access to the platform and disrupt the overall operation. The staffing schedule had to be adjusted to ensure that the work would be completed before the weather impacted on the operation and had to dismantle the equipment after the weather had passed, three days later.

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