Flare Tip Replacement Offshore Nigeria

At the end of June 2014, one of Conbit’s specialist lifting crews replaced the flare tip on the OFON2 complex, offshore Nigeria. A team of 5 people completed the job within a limited shutdown period.

The OFON field is located in block OML 102, approximately 45 km off the southeast coast of Nigeria at a depth of approximately 40 metres. The field, initially brought into production in 1997, is owned by the Joint Venture NNPC/TEPNG and is operated by Total E&P Nigeria Limited (TEPNG). Ponticelli, a French EPC contractor, is responsible for maintaining the facility.

The Nigerian branch of Ponticelli awarded the flare tip replacement contract to Conbit, after another special lifting company refused to carry out the job. Conbit was happy to accept the challenge and was able to mobilise crew and equipment at short notice. The client was very satisfied with Conbit’s performance and the path is clear for further cooperation.

The Flare tip handling method used by Conbit is characteristic for all its special lifting concepts. With the use of components, a lifting configuration is assembled on site to perform a challenging lift. Often the solutions offer an alternative to crane barges but in the case of flare tip replacements, Conbit’s solution is an alternative to helicopter replacements. The different aluminium components which form the lifting configuration are brought to the flare tip access platform. Conbit’s technicians then assemble the lifting system on this platform. The winch wire is reefed through the lifting system and a load test performed. The actual lift winch was incorporated in the lift boom. The lift boom that was chosen had the capacity to rotate. No structural reinforcements or modifications were required for the entire project.

In the case of the OFON2 project, the flare tower is located at a separate jacket structure. The flare platform is bridge linked to the production facility. The bridge offered various handling challenges. A special design cradle was required to transport the new flare tip from the production platform to the flare tower. The lift winch had to be positioned on the production platform.

Conbit thanks the client and the operator of the platform for their trust in Conbit’s competence and for their great support during the project.

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