The compression module had to be skidded below the helideck and be jacked to its specified height. For the skidding of the module, Conbit performed friction tests which guaranteed the smooth execution of the operations. During the main offshore preparations, the winches were placed on the base frames, the power packs on the wooden beams, the lead sheaves were connected to pad eyes and the winch wire ropes were reeved. Skid tracks with PTFE blocks were installed on the platform. Two 15mT winches were used to pull the module to its location and four 150mT hydraulic jacks were used for the jacking operation.

Conbit prepared the engineering and arranged the manpower and equipment for the operation. Four Conbit employees travelled with the Neptune from Antwerp to the E17a-A. Two people flew by helicopter to the E17a-A to make some final preparations.  All the required competencies were on on board, including construction manager, project manager, structural engineer and riggers.

Subsequent to the arrival of JUB Neptune and the module lift, the module correct location was confirmed and the wire ropes were connected to the module pad eyes. The Conbit crew together with client’s support successfully executed the skidding and jacking of the 340mT compression module.

After the module was successfully installed, all Conbit’s equipment (winches, skid beams, power packs, rigging gear) was transported back to shore. The multipurpose equipment will certainly be used on another of Conbit’s lifting or installation projects. All the equipment is certified according to the latest standards and can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Conbit is proud of the well organised and smooth execution of the project, which demonstrates Conbit’s ability to perform skidding and jacking operations safely and responsibly. Conbit thanks the client for the challenge and the fruitful result of their excellent cooperation.

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