The lifting system

The lifting system consists out of a lifting boom with a height of approximately 8 Mters. Another lifting point was created to hold a lift line that ran through the helideck. The lifting line that ran through the boom was attached to a 15 MT lifting winch. The lift line that ran through the helideck was operated by another 15 MT lifting winch.

After the installation of the complete lifting system and the delivery of the accommodation unit onshore, the first load test was commenced. After the load tests some improvements were made. The Conbit team and the client were confident that the system was able to do the job properly and in a safe manner.

The lifting operation

The lifting operation at the K6-P started after the safety briefing was completed. Preparations were made and finalized before the accommodation unit arrived at the job site. The lifting went according plan and the load was safely secured to the platform at the end of the day.

For the installation of the lifting devices and to support lifting operation rope access technicians were required. Rope access can make jobs safer and more time and cost efficient. Conbit is proud to be able to provide these services with competent and well trained staff. Rope access in combination with special lifting makes even the most challenging lifts possible.

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