Conbit offers a range of services relating to engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of offshore helidecks. Conbit’s engineers and technicians have worked on many offshore helidecks and have seen the development over the years. Conbit is familiar with the various offshore regulations in different parts of the world and with both steel and aluminium helidecks.

As a structural engineering company, Conbit’s engineers can design your helideck and adjust previous designs to the customer’s specific requirements. This process starts with providing advice on the material to choose. Often these choices are influenced by the type of helicopters in the area, the local rules and regulations and the design of the offshore unit. Obviously an FPSO has different requirements than fixed and semi-submersible platforms.

Typical activities performed by our engineers include:

  • Designing and engineering of helipads (pancakes) and support structures
  • Calculating the deck interface
  • Structural analysis for re-certification purposes

Often an operator of an offshore unit selects a supplier to engineer and supply the helideck. The main advantage of Conbit is that it is not restricted to its own product line. The specific requirements of the end user are translated into a cost-efficient but reliable helideck concept. During the design and engineering phase, choices are made in relation to the material (steel or aluminium) and accessories. Conbit has long relationships with its key suppliers, which are mainly western European manufacturers and component suppliers from around the world.

Conbit does not manufacture parts of the helideck, but coordinates the procurement and manufacturing process. Our dedicated team of procurement professionals selects the right supplier for the specific part and collaborates with the supplier to get to the best end result. They try to minimise the number of sub-contractors to avoid interface risks.

The supply can be:

  • Incorporated into the design and supply contract
  • Performed on “cost plus fee” basis
  • Quoted after the design has been optimised.

As with many of the activities offered by Conbit, involvement does not stop when delivering the helideck (and support frame) to the quayside. Conbit’s transport and installation team will coordinate the transport to the offshore facility anywhere in the world. It can be supplied at a yard and directly at the offshore asset. Depending on the destination, the right transport modality is chosen, the sea fastening is engineered and the transport company selected. After the custom formalities are completed, the helideck will be delivered to the client.

As a special lifting expert, Conbit also takes on the challenge to install the helideck on the offshore unit. This can be done in the yard or on the open sea. We will find the safest, most cost and time efficient installation method. Our added value is greatest where installation does not involve the use of large cranes or crane vessels. Our temporary lifting systems operated by lift winches provide the flexibility often needed in offshore and remote locations.

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Conbit delivered the lifting engineering, crew and lifting equipment, as well as the offshore execution of the wind shroud replacement and flare tip maintenance works.

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