Because flare tip replacement is such a critical activity during a shutdown, the Conbit team is always well prepared and the handling systems are thoroughly tested in advance.


Conbit’s mechanical flare-tip replacement method has several advantages over the helicopter lifting method. The risks are better controlled because Conbit’s method consists of a series of small, easily manageable steps. Furthermore, bringing in mechanical handling tools is relatively easy, and the team required is smaller than is the case with helicopter lifting.

In short, Conbit’s mechanical flare-tip replacement method is safer, more reliable and less costly.


The client’s management was delighted with Conbit’s execution of this project, because this highly critical activity was completed on time, within budget and safely.

The client complimented the Conbit team not only on their excellent safety measures and good safety observations during the project, but also on their thorough equipment preparation at the Conbit warehouse and the load test execution.

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