In addition to engineering the lifting structure, Conbit provided a detailed lifting and installation plan. As part of the standard lifting procedures, a load test was performed to double check the temporary lifting structure.

The LDA extension had to be lifted directly from the supply vessel in vertical orientation. This posed an extra challenge, because for its installation on the platform the LDA extension needed to be horizontal. The Conbit team of engineers devised a novel concept whereby the LDA extension was lifted in hinges then rotated for its installation onto the north side of the platform. Once the LDA extension was positioned in the hinges, pull cylinders were used to move the lift booms backwards and to rotate the LDA extension into the correct horizontal position.

Conbit was also responsible for the load-out and sea fastening of the LDA extension

Lifting equipment

Main equipment used for this job:

  • Two lifting winches
  • Two modular lifting systems
  • Power packs
  • Two lift lines for the lifting systems
  • Mini-crane to install/assemble the lifting system
  • Water bag (for load testing)

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