Load test of king posts on GSP Saturn jack-up rig

During the visit to port of the GSP Saturn drilling rig, a load test was required on its two king posts, which are located atop the starboard and port jack houses. As Conbit received short notice of this project, there was limited time to prepare for it.

Such a short-notice load test requires a turnkey supplier with crew, equipment and engineering under one roof. GSP awarded this contract to Conbit because our crew have ample experience of load tests all over the world in a variety of situations.

Most of Conbit’s projects are based on structural engineering, special lifting equipment and rope-access skills. For this project, Conbit designed the load test configuration, supplied and installed the necessary equipment and performed the load test.


The goal of the load-test procedure is to test the load-carrying capacity of the king posts by simulating the actual load to be carried.

For this project, Conbit used its lightweight aluminium lifting structure in combination with water-filled load bags. Conbit’s modular lifting equipment provides a safe, flexible and – above all – cost-effective alternative approach to challenging offshore lifting projects.

The load bags were gradually filled with water to produce a pad eye load of 25 mT at an angle of 59° degrees to the vertical axis. A calibrated load cell was used to measure the actual load on the king post.

The load test of the port and starboard king posts was successful. The pad eye was loaded to 25 mT for 15 minutes. During the subsequent thorough visual examination of the complete king posts and their support structures, no cracking, permanent deformation, loosened connection or any other defect was detected.

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