Offshore hook up support

To execute this offshore hook-up and all the other related activities according to plan and to minimize delays during the offshore installation, thorough project preparation and the right equipment was essential.

Structural analysis and capacity checks
To position the spool pipes under the sub-cellar deck, several lifting points had to be installed on the underside of the sub-cellar deck. Conbit performed not only a structural analysis of the sub-cellar deck’s lifting frame but also capacity checks on the rigging components. Conbit also prepared detailed lifting plans.

Project specific equipment
To execute the lifting, special project-specific equipment was used. Conbit has a versatile ‘toolbox’ for challenging rigging projects: a 10-foot offshore container filled with common rigging equipment and rope-access gear for a team up to 20 persons.

In today’s competitive market it is becoming increasingly important to find the most efficient solution. Engaging a single versatile contractor to perform a variety of activities saves costs and improves efficiency and safety. Conbit is a reliable partner with multiple complementary competences.

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