Another good job completed by the Conbit team. The well-trained and experienced crew of Conbit was entrusted with installing helideck perimeter netting on one of Dana Petroleum’s platforms in the North Sea.

As part of the certification process, Dana requested Conbit to supply and install new helideck perimeter netting on the Hanze platform. During the installation, the crew had to be able to demobilise within 20 minutes. This would allow helicopter operations to continue. Rope access techniques were very beneficial in this context.

The crew flew offshore on Monday 20 June and finished the work 10 days later. This short installation time was achieved despite two days of bad weather during which the work was stopped. Such an achievement is only possible when the client and contractor work together well. During the preparation phase, several meetings were held to ensure that all the parties were clear about the activities. When the crew arrived on the platform, all the tools and the netting were available in the right location. After the last JSA meeting, the Conbit team were able to start on the first panels.

Frictape Safety Nets

Conbit’s supplier for the helideck perimeter netting was Frictape. This Finnish company specialises in netting solutions for helidecks. Frictape manufactures perimeter safety netting as well as helideck landing nets. The perimeter safety nets are designed for use on various types of offshore installations and vessels. Frictape safety nets are the only nettings on the market with a third party type approval certificate stating that the nets comply with CAP437 and UK Oil & Gas guidance.

Conbit provided the dimensions of the required nets and Frictape produced them exactly to fit the panels of the Hanze helideck. The installation of these nets does not require special tools. Frictape safety nets include extra straps, one of which can be detached at regular intervals and sent to the laboratory for testing.

F2-A Hanze Platform

The F2-A Hanze platform is located in the Dutch sector of the North Sea, 200 km northwest of Den Helder. The production and storage platform is steel-gravity based. The platform has been in operation since the beginning of this century. Dana celebrated its 10 year zero incident milestone, which reflects the focus on Health, Safety and Environment by Dana employees and contractors such as Conbit.

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