Total Denmark started a project to repair a crane boom on their Halfdanplatform and asked Conbit to contribute to the project by offering its special services. Conbitcrafted a high-level technical concept for the offshore handling of the crane boom that fits best with the project.

The HalfdanField, producing oil since 1999 at offshore Denmark, comprises two production complexes, Halfdan A and Halfdan B, as well as an unmanned wellhead platform, Halfdan CA. The project took place on the processing platform (HBD) of Halfdan B. Total was on a short timeline; therefore, the project required to proceed as fast as possible, which Conbit has done.


On Halfdan B processing platform (BD), the platform crane boom was damaged at one of the bottom-cord due to an impact at the crane boom rest. Liebherr analyzed the damaged area and proposed to replace a part of the bottom cord over a length of 4m together with some of the braces. According to the result of structural calculations, Conbit provided the client with related equipment and project-specific fabrications considering the structural integrity of the platform.


Conbitcrew started the operation of the project by installing 2 portals that were built on the deck and lifted into position. In addition, Conbitinstalled a secondary luffing system which supported the boom tip to reduce the loads on the main cords during the repair process which allowed Liebherr to cut away the damaged part and renew them on the spot using scaffolding and a habitat. To allow for minor adjustments to the boom, Conbit included several hydraulic jacks in the supports so that it could lower, raise, and twist the boom.

Furthermore, rope access materials were used to hoist all rigging equipment required for the anchor onto the frame and a pulley system was used to reduce the strain on the crew. The project was delivered flawlessly on time and on budget without any incident.

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