Conbit was contracted by Petkim, the leading petrochemical manufacturing company of Turkey to supply and exchange guy wires and tensioners as part of their planned maintenance. The plant complex, located in the Izmir province of Aliağa, had scheduled maintenance of the guy wires on the Ethylene-Arom flare stacks.



Before the project commenced, Conbit needed to determine the exact length of the guy wires for the new certified guy wires, which consists of a single part. Conbit performed a site survey and the total station measurement of guy wire lengths, method statements, logistics and final tension report in preparation for the exchange operation. NDT testing and inspection was also provided in advance.

For the operation, Conbit provided the structural engineering as well as the procurement and fabrication of turnbuckles and guy wires. In combination with our designs and flexibility, we offered a unique service to our clients.



Conbit undertook the exchange and installation of the new guy wires and tensioners using a DEMAG AC500-2 crane. The engineering of the guy wire lengths in combination with the required tension value based on the temperature at the time of installation made our method of tensioning quite unique.

As Conbit was working with multiple nationalities on site, ensuring effective communication was key. We also faced the challenge of keeping the project on schedule despite the limitations caused by the windy conditions. As a result, we sought an alternative solution to install some of the lower and shorter guy wires using our rope access techniques.



As the multiple guy wires had their own, different tension values, one of the major challenges was to mutually align the levels so they were correct while ensuring that the existing flare stacks were not out of the plumb line.

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