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Premier Oil called in the specialist services of Conbit due to our extensive experience and success in this area of work.

The Premier Oil-operated Gajah Baru field which started gas production in October 2011, now produces 100 million cubic meters of gas a day. Plans were being made to carry out a flare tip replacement by the operator at the Gajah Baru offshore facility during the next shutdown.


Conbit reviewed the details of the platform so all the preparations would be complete at the start of the project. Consequently, Conbit was confident of the feasibility of using its mechanical handling method in the replacement of the flare tip. Although the flare tip access platform had enough strong points to support the lifting system and the weight of the flare tip, to be absolutely certain and to convince all parties of the project’s feasibility, the team made a site visit and launched an engineering phase.


Mobilization of the crew was challenging due to COVID-19 measures. The team had to be tested before traveling to Jakarta where they had to undergo eight days of strict quarantine before being allowed to head to the offshore facility.


During the shutdown, the old flare tip was lifted off using a mechanical handling system. The Conbit crew loaded the flare tips from an inclined flare boom directly onto a supply vessel. A last-minute change of plan was needed because the vessel we were meant to be using had been substituted by a different one.

The replacement operation was completed successfully ahead of schedule thanks to our off-site engineers, four engineers contracted in from other countries, and the three local rope access technicians in our team.


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