ExxonMobil contacted Conbit for the offshore flare tip replacement project at the Snapper (SNA) platform. They were chosen because of their well-established handling methodology and reputation for many flare tip replacements all over the world.
A base frame and lift boom were utilised to perform the mechanical handling in the removal of a pre-existing flare tip and replacement with a new flare tip weighing 731kg.
Using this lightweight equipment, compared to a helicopter, this offered a more cost-effective and flexible method that was more favourable to the client.
It was completed within three days – less than the given timeframe.
The SNA platform is located in Production License Area VIC/L10, approximately 32 km off the Gippsland coast of Australia in a water depth of 55m. The Snapper EP covers all activities relating to hydrocarbon production from the Snapper facilities and transport of hydrocarbons in the associated pipelines.

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