During a shutdown of the Anoa Gas Exploration (AGX) platform, the flare tip needed to be replaced.
The Anoa Gas Exploration (AGX) platform, operated by Premier Oil, is located about 1,100 km north of Jakarta, Indonesia.
Premier Oil assigned Kotaminyak with the task of replacing the existing flare tip, including the production, delivery and installation of the new flare tip. Kotaminyak contracted Conbit for the replacement services, including the required engineering and the actual replacing of the existing flare tip with a new flare tip, which was supplied by Kotaminyak.


I would like to convey my appreciation and a big thanks to PT.KotaMinyak and Conbit for the completion of AGX flare tip replacement, that has been accomplished in timely manner and safe.” – Anggiat M. Sihotang, Premier Oil (Indonesia)

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