The main equipment used for this lifting challenge were an aluminium lifting boom, a gantry, rigging equipment and a lifting winch located on the cellar deck. The winch was used to lift the old and new flare tip to and from the supply vessel.


The prime goal of flare-tip replacement is to ensure a safe operation and minimize shutdown time. Conbit’s flare-tip handling services are well prepared and adapted specifically to each project. The mechanical handling systems are tested and certified before the shutdown. In this case, the system was first tested at Conbit’s warehouse, then a load test was conducted in Indonesia. This approach ensures that the time lost during the exchange process, as well as the overall shutdown time, are kept to an absolute minimum.


This project is an excellent example of Conbit’s strengths in designing smart solutions, deploying an experienced execution team and effectively managing all the necessary activities. Above all, this project was successful due to the great teamwork between the various parties involved, with Kotaminyak as the main contractor and Premier Oil as the end customer

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