Lifting assistance for helideck

The Conbit engineers prepared all the engineering work for the replacement of the helideck. They performed all the structural analyses, design and fabrication of lifting frames and developed all the handling procedures for the transport and installation of the existing and new helideck. The lifting activities at the F15-A platform have been carried out with the Seafox 2 main crane, but because it was unable to reach every location, the F15-A platform crane was used to perform a dual lift. The Conbit team was present to prepare the units for lifting and to coordinate the actual lift.

Pre-assembled unit

The water treatment and injection facility was installed as a pre-assembled unit (PAU). The PAU was assembled in two sections with a combined weight of 42.3 tonnes. After the two separate sections had been delivered by a supply vessel, they were assembled on the deck of the Seafox 2. As well as all the engineering deliverables, Conbit supplied the rigging and rope access crew required for the installation.

Installation of coalescer separator

The tank-shaped separator, with a weight of approximately five tonnes and a length of around five meters, was lifted onto the F15-A platform with the main crane of the Seafox 2. Conbit rigging team was on location to assist with the removal of the existing unit and the installation of the new units.

 Additional rigging work

Throughout the project, the Conbit crew performed the rigging of a DBB valve and of rectifiers. They also moved more than 200 battery packs. All the equipment, procedures, and manpower for these jobs were provided and organized by Conbit.

Great safety performance

During the busiest periods of the project, Conbit deployed nine technicians, including team leaders, all of whom were highly competent riggers, with many of them being qualified rope access technicians. In common with many clients all over the world, Total E&P Netherlands BV has every confidence in their expertise, including their ability to handle their assets in a safe and professional manner.

Project preparation and lifting engineering

Devoting plenty of time during the preparation of the project, and performing solid lifting engineering means the job on site will be carried out more efficiently and more safely. The combination of profound engineering (structural and mechanical) and practical lifting expertise is the main benefit of having Conbit as a turnkey lifting service provider.

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