Lightweight lift solution

Our lightweight lift solution was able to satisfy ENGIE’s need for a temporary crane on the platform until the new crane was installed. Conbit ‘s lightweight lift boom served as crane on the L10-E platform for over a year when the weather conditions allowed. Conbit and ENGIE were both glad to compensate the absence of the crane with this efficient solution.

Site visit

The helideck that served to maintain the old crane could no longer be used as it was positioned too near the bigger new crane. A new maintenance platform had to be constructed and installed in the correct position on the L10-EE platform. Conbit specialists conducted a site visit and accurately defined the relative position of the two platforms in order to correctly install the new maintenance platform.

Design of light structural parts

As the new crane was bigger and heavier, Conbit had to check the existing supporting members and design new parts appropriate to the new crane dimensions. Conbit checked the jacket and topside of the platform with the new loads and designed structural parts for the new crane installation. The structural parts included a new boom rest, a crane cone adaptor to connect the existing end part of crane pedestal to the new crane pedestal and a new maintenance platform. ENGIE was pleased that our structural engineering solutions involved lightweight structures which did not overload the platform and which minimised work on-site.

New crane installation

During the crane installation, Conbit supported ENGIE in all offshore works resulting in the successful installation of the new crane. Torqueing was carried out by the Conbit team, whose members all have the necessary personal certification. Hydraulic torqueing tools were used to provide the correct tension in the bolts.

Succesful crane replacement with ENGIE

Conbit is proud to have collaborated again with ENGIE on a successful project. We are always pleased to combine our potential in engineering, lifting and mechanical handling to satisfy our client’s needs.

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