Offshore Crane replacement

In order to minimise offshore time, ENGIE E&P Nederland B.V. (formerly known as GDF Suez) commissioned Conbit to perform a combination of structural design, lifting and mechanical works for the crane replacement on the L10-E well protector platform in the North Sea. Conbit removed the old crane pedestal and supported ENGIE in the new crane installation. After successfully removing the crane pedestal, Conbit ‘s flexible lift solution not only proved suitable for the original scope of the crane pedestal lift but also fulfilled ENGIE’s need for a temporary crane on the platform until the new crane was installed. The combination of multiple competencies in design, special lifting and construction provided by the Conbit team contributed to the smooth operation and successful outcome of the project.

Crane pedestal removal

As there was no lifting capacity at the old pedestal location, Conbit‘s special lightweight lift boom was a unique solution for the crane pedestal removal. Conbit designed a lightweight lift boom and a base frame to lift the crane pedestal. Our technicians performed all the required preparation work, the welding, cutting of steel, bevelling and surface cleaning using the appropriate air driven tools and special equipment.  After cutting the platform stairs, the Conbit team used a trolley to jack them up, place them on rollers and remove them. The pedestal platform grating was removed using rope access, rigging line and tag lines, and the platform handrails and supports were unbolted from the crane pedestal. After completing the preparation works, the Conbit crew installed the lifting configuration on the main deck of the platform, conducted load tests to ensure work safety, and successfully removed the crane pedestal by cutting and lifting the pedestal pieces.

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