Existing piping

The four coolers are integral to the platform's operating processes. Therefore, Centrica did not want any piping to be cut, neither for (dis)connecting the coolers nor for making space to rig them out.

Project management

Centrica contracted several parties for different aspects of this project, including disciplines such as scaffolding, mechanical engineering, E&I, and rigging and lifting. During the project preparation phase, each party needed to prepare its work based on the integrated knowledge of all the other parties. Centrica asked Conbit to manage this integrated preparation process because of our outstanding track record in project preparation.

Lifting and rigging

Conbit was responsible for the on-site lifting and rigging aspects of the project. We supplied all the rented lifting and rigging equipment that was necessary to execute the project. Our experienced lifting and rigging crew successfully manoeuvred the old coolers out of, and the new coolers into, the platform. All steps had been well prepared by the Conbit engineers during the engineering phase of the project. Especially noteworthy for it's difficultly and success was the in-air hand-over of the coolers from the deck crane directly into the rigging equipment.

Safe and on time

The project preparation included a detailed Microsoft Project schedule. Conbit integrated all the procedures of the various disciplines into one detailed overall schedule. This schedule also incorporated the project preparation of each discipline. Furthermore, it enabled all Centrica's stakeholders to share opinions on the procedures and thus further optimize the project.

Conbit completed the project without incident and ahead of time. As a result, we could downsize our staff towards the end of the project, solving the potential problem of a shortage of bed-space.

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