The Conbit team completed the flare tip replacement on the Bongkot platform together with the team of its local partner, CR Asia. The partnership between the two companies has been successful for many years, and enjoys the confidence of end-user PTTEP.

Conbit’s project manager has already completed six flare tip replacements at the Bongkot platform, and is therefore very well acquainted with all the details of the project. The crew of CR Asia is also keenly aware of what is expected of them. The experiences from previous projects helped minimise the duration of this project.

For the flare tip replacement at Bongkot, the main equipment is the permanently installed davit system. The winch, which remains on the bridge, is brought by Conbit, as is all the other rigging equipment.

The Bongkot field is located in the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 600 kilometres south of Bangkok and 203 kilometres off the coast of Songkhla province. The field is operated by EP.

CR Asia (Thailand) is a respected partner and is well established in the South East Asian region. Conbit would like to thank both CR and PTTEP for their outstanding cooperation in this project.

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