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Conbit team recently installed three deck extensions and modules outside the crane reach at Anoa Field. The accommodation capacity on Anoa was 51 pax. The program aimed to increase the accommodation capacity to 67 pax and to add an additional Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) to the facility.

The Anoa field is part of the Natuna Sea Block A. It is located approximately 1,100 km north of Jakarta, offshore Indonesia. The Anoa platform which is owned and operated by Premier Oil has been in operation for more than 28 Years and needed expansion in line with the new requirements. Conbit was chosen for the task because Conbit has extensive experience and know-how on special lifting outside the crane reach and offers a combination of engineering support and execution.


To expand the capacity of Premier Oil-owned Anoa Platform, Conbit delivered detailed engineering and design. First of all, a site visit to the Anoa field has been done to collect the necessary information and develop a technical plan for the installation. One of the issues identified during the site visit is that the current design of the platform extensions requires some modification to enable an efficient installation with minimized offshore exposure.

Furthermore, the connectors on the deck extension should fit in the receivers on the platform otherwise it can cause some risk. Conbit also provided a dimension control plan to ensure that the risks will be minimized and helped the client to redesign the extensions.

As a further step, a double lift boom system capable of lifting the items (max 10mt) directly from a supply vessel was built up for the project. Before the execution, every step of the installation procedure was analyzed, evaluated, and adjusted until the safest and effective process is defined.


When it comes to the execution phase, the Conbit team kicked off the operation using rigging lines to help install modular lift booms under the helideck. Dynamic and static load tests were then conducted with water bags to ensure that the lifting system was robust enough.

The deck extension and modules were lifted via a temporary lift system, operated from the platform of a supply vessel located near the designated installation location. Deck extensions were placed with the use of lift lines and tag lines, while we used skidding equipment to place two LQ and MPR on the platform. Despite the project increasing in scope throughout its duration, Conbit was able to handle these extra demands without any delays or disruption.

After the deck extension was installed to the platform, temporary living quarters were put on the extension and with the help of lift lines and skidding equipment. By lowering down the MPR on top of one of the placed living quarters the last function was delivered. Conbit performed the execution above expectation and delivered the project in 13.5 days

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