The lifting solution

The main equipment of the Conbit Flare tip handling solution comprises an aluminum lift boom, rigging equipment including boom braces and boom pendant, and a lifting winch located on the main deck. The winch will lift the flare tip to and from the supply vessel. To remove the old flare tip, the technicians will disconnect the flare tip from the riser, and use the chain hoist and wire ropes, to rotate it and lower it onto the vessel.  Clients often request Conbit to supply a mechanical flare tip handling design that ensures a safe and efficient operation for a future flare tip replacement. Our client can thus anticipate the impact of the flare tip handling operation on the platform design.

 The advantage of a flare tip handling

During a flare tip handling study, space limitations are often encountered and structural reinforcements are frequently required on the platform. An anticipated flare tip handling study has proven to be time efficient because the platform structure is prepared for the future exchange.

Related case studies

Flare tip replacement, Kashagan Onshore Processing Facility

Bongkot North Flare Tip Replacement in Thailand

Conbit was tasked with performing the flare tip replacement at the Bangkot North gas field, located 100km offshore in the Gulf of Thailand.

Flare tip replacement – Australia

ExxonMobil contacted Conbit for the offshore flare tip replacement project at the Snapper (SNA) platform.

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