The project

The existing lifting davit on the flare-tip platform, which was originally installed for flare-tip exchange, was so severely melted that it could no longer be used. Conbit suggested applying one of its own temporary modular lifting solutions, which could also be used to remove the damaged davit.

We replaced both the HP and the LP flare tips. The governing flare tip weighs 3 tonnes, is 5 m wide and approximately 3 m high. It is mounted on an inclined flare boom of the Agbami vessel. We directly lifted the old and the new flare tips to and from a supply vessel positioned under the boom. We installed tug winches to prevent the load from swinging due to FPSO vessel motions. The winches were operated from deck level.

The project included replacing a 4-inch diameter seawater cooling line from the FPSO deck all the way up to the flare tip. Over that length - approximately 100 m - we installed piping components weighing up to 80 kg and supports weighing up to 38 kg. We used winches to move these parts.

In addition to replacing the flare tips, the lifting davit and the seawater cooling line, the scope of Conbit's work included other maintenance activities. We replaced the safety line along the stairs, repaired C02 vent snuffing lines and heat detectors, replaced the flame arrestors and repaired the flare-tip ignition system.

This project is an excellent example of Conbit's capabilities in taking on a wide scope of work. By designing smart solutions, selecting appropriate supply materials and equipment, providing all services in a disciplined way and effectively managing all the activities on a day-to-day basis, we met all the deadlines and even completed optional activities.

With our high-quality combination of engineering and on-site construction, we stay ahead of problems.

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