Size DOES matter: the benefits of the acquisition by ALE

Clients of Conbit ‘Integrated Projects’ will benefit from acquisition by ALE

In the offshore market, size matters. Most offshore projects are challenging and the risks are severe. This calls for reliable partners that are comfortable taking ownership of complicated multi-disciplinary projects. With the recent developments, Conbit becoming a part of ALE Heavy Lift, the market has now the availability of a strong contractor for challenging offshore projects.

This acquisition will have a positive effect on Conbit’s business unit ‘Integrated Projects’, and clients will benefit from the positive effects of this acquisition

Economy of scale

First of all, becoming part of the ALE Group will create cost advantages when it comes to large offshore projects. This is because of the fact that there are more resources available within the group. Furthermore, the partner network can be managed more accurate and risks can be managed with great backup. Also, the network of ALE offices will contribute to the feeling of local presence. The global reach of Conbit’s ‘Integrated Projects’ will be supported by local offices, in over 40 countries worldwide. For project managers, it is convenient that they can deal with local entities.

Scope expansion

Furthermore, the land transportation competencies and equipment of ALE Heavy Lift will contribute to the success of Conbit ‘Integrated Projects’. The resources of the group will allow for a door-to-door project approach. Conbit ‘Integrated Projects’ will pick up the large modules at the manufacturer and will keep in control until it is fully installed at the offshore facility. In these projects, the full range of activities, from all land logistics to marine activities and offshore construction and commissioning will be covered by one Conbit project team.

Read more about the acquisition in this blog

Author: Bram van Oirschot, Business Unit Manager "Integrated Projects" Conbit

Integrated Projects: Conbit's contribution to offshore efficiency

"We believe in vertical collaboration in the supply chain and sharing of experience in project teams, facilitated by eff ective contracting methods."

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