Integrated projects

Integrated projects by Conbit

Conbit plays a key role in making offshore projects more efficient, by aligning resources with primary project requirements. Our clients in the offshore industry entrust Conbit with the completion of complex projects that require multiple contractors and diverse equipment. In particular, our clients value Conbit’s willingness and ability to offer turnkey services. Projects that require a combination of marine equipment, onboard lifting, mechanical services and other contractors benefit from Conbit’s turnkey approach. Specialist resources are merged into a single project team and inefficiencies are eliminated.


Strong network for the integrated project approach

We at Conbit are proud of our strong network of partner companies. Having this network enables us to select the most suitable resources and to offer turnkey solutions to your projects.

Conbit eliminates your interface risks, while you retain project control to the extent that you desire.

With its ‘integrated projects’ approach, Conbit supports all offshore industry segments. The greatest added value is realised in the following segments:

Do not hesitate to contact Conbit if:

  • In an early phase of your project, you need to prepare a turnkey budget and critically assess your project approach.
  • Your project requires several companies to work together on site. Conbit will then function as the link and single point of contact.
  • Lifting of an offshore module is a major challenge you face in your project.
  • You own a specialised marine asset and you wish to enter into an EPC contract or tender.


A typical project

During the project-definition phase, it is decided that a marine spread is required and that a mechanical contractor and a commissioning engineer are to be on site. The client asks the market for available vessels and receives a positive response.

The first challenge is to align the project planning with the offers of a marine spread. The project manager reaches out to Conbit to achieve flexibility in his project planning without increasing the project risks and budget.

Conbit understands the project’s critical path. However, as critical resources are often not on the critical path, traditional planning becomes a serious challenge. This is the main reason for project cost overruns. Conbit helps you to remain within budget!

Services per market

Integrated Projects for Offshore Wind

Conbit offers turnkey solutions for the offshore wind industry. Specialist resources are merged into a single project team and inefficiencies are eliminated.

Integrated Projects for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit offers turnkey solutions for the offshore oil & gas industry. Specialist resources are merged into a single project team and inefficiencies are eliminated
  • Conbit Team managed to execute the work successfully, safely and ahead of schedule. Consequently, the shutdown period was shortened and the production was resumed 1 full day earlier.

    Yospong Sooparnich
    Yospong Sooparnich PTTEP
  • Management was very happy with the performance of the execution because it was critical activity that was completed on time, on budget and safely

    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera
    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera Shell
  • An excellent job, guys. Really a demonstration of professional approach, planning and execution of a very demanding challenge. I am fully satisfied with the job done, also with the personal approach of each individual throughout. - Thank you!

    Thomas K. Hansen
    Thomas K. Hansen Tennet


Case Studies

Transportation and storage of monopiles and transition pieces – UK

Conbit was contracted to provide the engineering system and design saddles for the transportation of monopiles (MPs), as well as an X frame for transition pieces (TPs) at the ABLE UK yard, UK.

Transport analysis transition pieces

ALE was awarded a project to transport Transition Pieces (TPs). The TPs will be transported via the River Tees from the manufacturer to the Able Port. For this project, ALE uses two existing [...]

Offshore lifting: Living quarters Total K6-P

Creating lifting capacity outside the reach of the deck crane, without requiring a designated lifting vessel, is a challenge Conbit loves to take on. Conbit was awarded a contract for lifting [...]

Offshore installation of a PAU (Pre-assembled unit)

Successful offshore transport and installation: Pre Assemble Unit

Below-deck lifting: Offshore storage tank replacement

Venko Offshore awarded Conbit a contract for the offshore replacement of two diesel storage tanks. Conbit was given this project because of our below-deck lifting know-how and extensive [...]

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