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About Conbit

Once started as a local engineering company for building construction in 1993, located at the compound of Eindhoven’s University of Technology, today Conbit provides services for a broad range of industries with projects all over the world.

Our specialists deliver the most efficient, safe and reliable solutions, and aim to develop and implement leading-edge solutions worldwide.

We will achieve our vision by fostering teamwork, using multiple disciplines, providing a safe workplace, delivering premium products, full services, and creating value for our customers.

Conbit – The Power of Preparation

We believe that in our business preparation is key. We prepare our projects so thoroughly that they always run smoothly and efficiently. This is how we make a difference for our clients. Our core mission is to take the weight off their shoulders and bring power to their business, and we believe that true power results from many small, connected and well prepared steps. Our aim is to maximize efficiency and to minimize risks for a broad range of industries and for projects worldwide. In doing so, we also work towards more sustainable solutions and better environmental protection.

Our people are what make Conbit the leader in our field. For us, project preparation is all about teamwork in an open and transparent atmosphere. We challenge ourselves to go beyond limiting boundaries to find better and more creative solutions and to design, supply, install and maintain projects perfectly, safely and on time. Our clients rely on us not only because of our strong team that works with them in close consultation but also because we invest in the latest technologies and equipment to meet their needs, so that they can excel in their industry.

With over 25 years of experience, we have a proven track record in special lifting and structural engineering. Clients come to us for our full-service approach and our innovative customized solutions. In preparing our projects so thoroughly we create a reliable, safe and sustainable base, from which we have a powerful impact in our clients’ benefit.

About Conbit

Our values

In everything that we do we operate according to our three core values Challenge, Competency and Care.


We love to operate in situations where there is high complexity and the job initially seems too challenging to be done. Such challenges fuel our eagerness, and then we dive in deep. We look in unusual and alternative directions to find novel methods and smart solutions. For our engineers, the starting point is always a ‘can do’ attitude and an open mind. Although the fun factor features high on our agenda, we remain critical and take responsibility to design and execute each challenging project on time in the safest and most efficient way.


Our engineers thrive in an open atmosphere that enables them to find creative solutions for the most challenging technical issues. Only by thoroughly preparing each step before we act can our excellent teamwork, know-how and experience achieve its full potential. In this fired‑up team environment everyone can excel in his own specialization, while we maintain overview and a continually critical attitude towards each other and the project we are working on. This is how we provide reliable and creative engineering solutions to our clients.


Shouldering responsibility and taking care of the people with whom we work is in our DNA. We operate in a market where smart and safe must go hand-in-hand, because we work with high-end, heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, every step we take is well thought-through and conforms to the latest HSE standards. This is how we guarantee the best results, sustainable solutions and ultimate safety.

What we do

For more than 20 years, Conbit has been serving industries in the fields of on- and offshore oil and gas, offshore wind, decommissioning, petrochemicals and telecoms. We are specialised in structural engineering and special lifting, and our business focus is on lifting projects, lifting equipment, towers and stacks, and integrated projects.
We utilize our experience, knowledge and creative thinking to come up with the best solutions that not only meet customer demands but also conform to applicable codes and safety standards.

We aim to maintain long-term business relationships, and we therefore put great effort into close cooperation with our clients.

Our team of highly qualified engineers offer full service in areas including:
• Design
• Consulting
• Method engineering
• Structural analysis
• Mission equipment design and supply
• Procurement and supply
• Special load-handling services
• Contracting
• Maintenance services
• Testing and certification
• Survey and inspection
• Project management


Safety, health and environment


Concern for health, safety and the environment are at the core of these tasks. We always work according to the latest HSE standards and perform a series of risk analyses before and during our projects. Two important goals are to prevent unnecessary waste during our projects and to create solutions that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our management system is ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certified, which means our services meet legal and regulatory requirements regarding quality, health, safety and the environment. Additionally, we actively ask our suppliers to comply with our standards in order to minimize any QHSE-related risks.

Job opportunities within Conbit

The Conbit team includes roles such as structural engineers, draftsmen, offshore team leaders, project managers and support staff. The organization of Conbit is characterized by highly committed employees, a high level of co-operation, international orientation, fostering personal and informal relations.

Working at Conbit means working in a young and dynamic team of engineering professionals. Team spirit, learning and willing to share your knowledge with others are considered as success factors of Conbit. Being part of a team means also having fun together. Conbit encourages personal development and gives you this opportunity.

To see the latest vacancies at Conbit and our parent company Mammoet please visit our careers hub:


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