Retractable vs. demountable flare

The terms ‘retractable flare’ and ‘demountable flare’ refer to the same kind of flare installation. We at Conbit call it a retractable flare, because the riser, including the flare tip, is retracted before being demounted. The retracting system is its special feature.

Retractable flare

In a retractable flare, one flare stack can be lowered while the other remains in operation. This enables maintenance activities to be performed at ground level without needing to decrease the flare capacity too drastically. Maintenance can include replacement of a flare tip, modifications to the riser pipe and other modification activities.

Since the weight and size of such retractable flare risers is considerable, an experienced crew is required to perform this service. Conbit has the necessary technicians with all the required competencies. Conbit also stocks much of the equipment that is necessary for lowering the riser sections. This is useful when riser-lowering equipment has been lost, which often happens.


Retractable flare systems are not always properly maintained. Parts may be lost, or it may no longer be clear how they should be used or which support equipment belongs to which retractable flare stack. In such cases, Conbit provides assistance. Our engineers can redesign the intended use of the system. We generate customised manuals or procedures for your specific type of retractable flare. The necessary retractable flare-system equipment can be determined and checked against the available equipment. Equipment can be tested and certified and missing equipment can be listed. In many cases, Conbit can rent out the missing equipment from stock.

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