Conbit provides temporary cranes for the petrochemical market

During installation, maintenance or replacement operations on petrochemical plant it is often necessary to move heavy loads. Conbit offers lifting, skidding, jacking or rigging services for moving modules into or out of position.

Conbit’s temporary cranes are specially designed temporary structures that are assembled on site from modular parts. The advantage of a Conbit temporary crane is that it is custom built, without the need to fabricate a complete crane. Conbit offers a unique combination of rental of temporary cranes for erection and execution of the lifting job with all the necessary installation or maintenance work.

Modular parts

Conbit has developed a large set of modular parts for its temporary cranes, including structural members, winches, power generators, controls, lifting gear and connections. For the structural members we use both tubular and truss-type designs. Many parts are made of high-strength aluminium to ensure that they are as light as possible and can be assembled by hand.

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