Flare-tip replacement in the petrochemical industry

For the petrochemical industry we execute onshore flare-tip replacement operations. The flare tips are often installed on top of high derrick structures. We are experienced in both fixed derrick structures and retractable flare structures. We execute petrochemical flare-tip replacement operations worldwide.

All flare-tip replacements are delicate operations. The challenges onshore are different to those offshore, and specialist know-how is required. Onshore flare tips have a greater weight range: from 500 to 8000 kg.

Onshore flare-tip replacement at different types of flare stack

At refineries and other (petro-)chemical plants, there are many different types of flare structures. This requires specialised approaches to flare-tip replacement. Conbit’s service focuses on guy-wire, derrick and retractable/demountable flares. For the first two types, the same kind of lifting solution is used. The retractable flares are designed to be lowered to ground level. Although this concept seems simple, the operation should be performed by an experienced crew.

Fixed derrick structure

If a petrochemical flare-tip replacement is scheduled on top of a fixed derrick structure Conbit offers two options. To lift the flare tip, we use either a regular crane or a special temporary crane installed on top of the flare-tip platform. Prior to any petrochemical flare-tip replacement operation, we discuss all the work procedures with the client.

Lifting frame for regular flares

For regular flares, such as guy-wire or derrick-supported types, Conbit uses a lifting frame that is assembled on top of the flare-tip access platform. It is operated by lift winches at ground level.

In general, a Conbit solution is requested when there is no crane available that can reach the required elevation. Flare-tips located at least 100 meters above ground level are often replaced using Conbit’s special lifting construction.

Retractable flare structure

If a petrochemical flare-tip replacement is scheduled on a retractable flare structure, we simply use the existing retractable system. If that system is incomplete or no longer operational, we bring our own equipment. At the request of clients we can inspect their system and equipment to ensure that everything is in place and operable, ready for the actual petrochemical flare-tip replacement operation.

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