Offshore decommissioning

With its ‘integrated project’ approach, Conbit accepts part of your offshore decommissioning project risk. Conbit offers a complete package – including project management, marine spread, access solutions, accommodation and primary services – as a turnkey project. The primary service may involve any phase of your decommissioning project.

Conbit takes ownership of the entire project phase. The commercial and technical responsibility can be transferred to Conbit to the extent required by the client. Our ‘integrated project’ approach is beneficial in decommissioning projects, capping the risk in the initial project phase.

The following primary services are examples of ‘integrated projects’ in offshore decommissioning:

  • Cleaning and purging
  • Plugging and abandonment
  • Subsea preparations
  • (Rigless) conductor cutting and removal
  • Spider deck reinstatement
  • Connecting bridge removal
  • Lifting points installation
  • Module securing and removal
  • Flare and derrick removal
  • Generator installation

Do not hesitate to contact Conbit if:

  • You have been invited for a decommissioning tender. You need to partner with a company to take ownership of all activities, (some of) which are not your core competencies.
  • You are planning your decommissioning campaign and you are exploring decommissioning strategies.
  • You need to remove an offshore asset and are looking for a main contractor without limiting yourself to a certain marine spread.


A typical decommissioning project

You are responsible for the decommissioning of an offshore platform and are instructed to manage the project risks and a timely and cost efficient completion. You begin with an open vision but are trapped in the world of large transport and installation contractors. These companies are supporting you by deploying their assets. You are confident that one of these companies will handle the majority of your concerns.

This is exactly the type of project to which Conbit has often brought proven added value. Conbit has the experience and know-how to combine the best available competencies and assets into one turnkey package. Our clients regard risk mitigation as the most important value addition to their projects.

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