Special lifting – Structural engineering

Conbit has its roots in structural engineering. Through providing structural services to special lifting companies, Conbit developed its own special lifting know-how and became a specialist in this field. Currently, Conbit provides not only structural and lifting engineering but also special lifting equipment and operational teams. The structural engineers and operational teams in turn form the basis of our tower and stack services.

Markets in which Conbit operates

Since its foundation in 1993, Conbit has expanded into multiple industries and gained substantial experience in a broad range of markets. Conbit has considerable expertise in special lifting and structural engineering and provides services to the following four industries:

  • Conbit Team managed to execute the work successfully, safely and ahead of schedule. Consequently, the shutdown period was shortened and the production was resumed 1 full day earlier.

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Services for special lifting

From industrial supporting structures and access solutions, through special lifting engineering, to installation, construction and maintenance operations — our qualified engineers and operational teams apply their expertise across the broad market range in which we are active. Because each branch of industry has its own unique approach, Conbit offers customised services and solutions for each market.

To gain an impression of the markets in which we operate, read below about the services and solutions we provide and our past projects.

Lifting Services for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit provides lifting services for offshore oil and gas companies.

Lifting Services for Offshore Wind

Conbit provides lifting services for the offshore wind market.

Lifting Services for Petrochemical

Conbit provides lifting services for the petrochemical market.

Lifting Equipment for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit provides hoisting equipment for offshore oil and gas companies.

Lifting Equipment for Offshore Wind

Conbit provides hoisting and lifting equipment for offshore wind companies.

Lifting Equipment for Petrochemical

Conbit provides lifting equipment for the onshore petrochemical sector.

Stacks for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit provides stacks for the oil and gas industry.

Towers for Telecom

Conbit provides towers and tower reinforcement for the telecom industry.

Stacks for Petrochemical

Conbit provides stacks for the petrochemical industry.

Integrated Projects for Offshore Wind

Conbit offers turnkey solutions for the offshore wind industry. Specialist resources are merged into a single project team and inefficiencies are eliminated.

Integrated Projects for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit offers turnkey solutions for the offshore oil & gas industry. Specialist resources are merged into a single project team and inefficiencies are eliminated

Case studies for special lifting

Transportation and storage of monopiles and transition pieces – UK

Conbit was contracted to provide the engineering system and design saddles for the transportation of monopiles (MPs), as well as an X frame for transition pieces (TPs) at the ABLE UK yard, UK.

Transport analysis transition pieces

ALE was awarded a project to transport Transition Pieces (TPs). The TPs will be transported via the River Tees from the manufacturer to the Able Port. For this project, ALE uses two existing [...]

Retractable flares Thailand

Conbit expertise was requested to assist with the lowering of the riser pipes of GSP5 & GSP6, so they would be accessible for maintenance. Besides supervision, Conbit was also responsible for the [...]

Flare-tip windshroud replacement – Malaysia

Conbit delivered the lifting engineering, crew and lifting equipment, as well as the offshore execution of the wind shroud replacement and flare tip maintenance works.

Baronia BNCPP-B Flare-Tip Handling System – Retractable Davit

Conbit prepared the structural design of the flare-tip handling system, which featured a retractable davit as the main lifting equipment. And delivered the lifting equipment

Codes & Certificates

Depending on the industry, location, type of structure or procedure, one or more standards are applied to our engineering. If no codes are prescribed in the scope of work, we will always make a proposal for applicable standards.

Due to our broad experience with projects around the world; we have gathered a lot of knowledge of available standards and their impact on designs.


FPAL Verified. Conbit is audited by FPAL on quality, safety, health, environment, competencies and training in the oil and gas industry

SCC **

SCC ** certificate for Conbit. It is a safety certificate for contractors (VCA**). It proves Conbit’s commitment to safety.


An EKH certificate shows that Conbit inspects, repair and maintain lifting and rigging equipment according to EKH procedures, and guidelines. It is similar to LEEA.
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