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Petrochemical industries

Conbit is specialised in engineering, installation and maintenance operations on all kinds of towers and stacks at petro and petrochemical plants. Also, Conbit offers lifting services such as lifting plans and lifting equipment.


Conbit is specialised in working on high vertical structures. As our staff have worked on stacks all over the world, Conbit has accumulated a wealth of know-how on retractable and regular stacks. Our people have executed complete stack overhauls and constructed entire new stacks. We also execute flare-tip replacement, maintenance and repair operations. With our structural engineering know-how and special lifting experience, we have redesigned and supplied a variety of retractable systems. We have a wide range of equipment available for executing your retractable flare-stack project.

Guy-wired structures

Guy-wired structures must be frequently checked to ensure that the wires do not slacken to the point where their tension is insufficient. Conbit engineers analyse existing or new guy-wired structures to determine their tensioning needs. The results are then used by our crews to tension the guy wires.

Heavy-load handling

Heavy-load handling on petrochemical plants requires extensive engineering design and preparations. Conbit is the right partner for design and preparations, including project-specific load-handling plans and all structural calculations.

Conbit provides the following services to petrochemical industries:


  • Flare-stack design, delivery, installation and maintenance
  • Flare-tip replacement
  • Retractable flare stacks
  • Retractable flare-stack equipment inspection
  • Retractable flare-stack equipment supply

Load handling:

  • Lifting plans and procedures for special lifting
  • Lifting equipment
  • Skidding of heavy modules
  • Upending of heavy modules

Guy-wired structures:

  • Guy-wire-supported towers, chimneys and stacks
  • Guy-wire design and structural analysis
  • Guy-wire maintenance and inspection plans
  • Guy-wire inspection and maintenance


Petrochemical divisions

Lifting Services for Petrochemical

Conbit provides lifting services for the petrochemical market.

Lifting Equipment for Petrochemical

Conbit provides lifting equipment for the onshore petrochemical sector.

Stacks for Petrochemical

Conbit provides stacks for the petrochemical industry.

Services for Petrochemical

  • Conbit people understand the value of awareness for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment. We encourage and motivate our stakeholders to do the same.  

    Conbit Joop de Fouw / Technical director

Conbit case studies for the petrochemical industry

Conbit has gained a great deal of relevant experience and expertise by doing projects for companies in the petrochemical industry. Discover our reference case-studies and reading about our experience with specific projects for this market.

Retractable flares Thailand

Guy wire maintenance – Vietnam

Conbit services retractable flares MLNG

Bongkot Flare Tip Replacement

Modular Lifting System



FPAL Verified. Conbit is audited by FPAL on quality, safety, health, environment, competencies and training in the oil and gas industry

SCC **

SCC ** certificate for Conbit. It is a safety certificate for contractors (VCA**). It proves Conbit’s commitment to safety.


An EKH certificate shows that Conbit inspects, repair and maintain lifting and rigging equipment according to EKH procedures, and guidelines. It is similar to LEEA.

ISO 9001

Conbit is ISO 9001 certified . ISO is a quality standard that shows Conbit commitment to continuously improving their organization.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 shows that Conbit fulfills the requirements for an environmental management system developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 45001

Conbit is ISO 45001 certified. It is the new ISO standard that is being developed for occupational safety and health.

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