Conbit showcases latest heavylifting capabilities at International Offshore Crane & Lifting Conference

Conbit will be sharing the capabilities of their latest lifting solution, a telescopic knuckle boom crane, at the International Offshore Crane & Lifting Conference in Norway this month.

One of the huge advantages of the crane is that it can operate multiple functions simultaneously and has a continuously variable speed control, from zero to maximum speed. It has the capacity to lift up to 9.7t on platforms or at harbours, or up to 5t for wave heights up to 2.5m.

“This is a great step forward as the crane has a small footprint and is so versatile. Having strengthened our offshore lifting capabilities, we’re really looking forward to being able to share more about the advantages of this unique crane,” commented Bram van Oirschot, Tender Manager for Conbit.

The International Offshore Crane & Lifting Conference brings together a wide range of people in the offshore industry from across the globe.

This year the 24th conference will take place in Stavanger, Norway, 24th-26th April.

Find out more about the International Offshore Crane & Lifting Conference.

Read the full story on Conbit’s new knuckle boom crane.


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