The telecom industry is a diverse field, including all kinds of installations for telecommunications. One such installation is the telecom tower. In recent years, Conbit has gained a great deal of expertise in working for various clients in the telecom industry. Also, Conbit has developed a unique solution to meet its clients’ needs: Latics, an economical solution for tower reinforcement.

Mobile networks require well engineered telecom sites that can last for years.

Conbit’s specialisation in telecom towers

We have executed a huge number of projects for telecom towers in locations including rooftop, greenfield and high-voltage pylon sites. Conbit has a solid foundation in structural engineering. For telecom sites we offer complete engineering services including site inspection and civil, electrical, lightning, structural and geotechnical engineering.

High-voltage pylon sites

HVP sites are located wherever electricity supply goes. These sites are similar to greenfield sites. Conbit offers complete engineering services for high-voltage pylon sites. We supply a full range of designs for antenna holders, we make designs and calculations for strengthening of structures and foundations, and we are one of the few companies in the Netherlands that performs full high-voltage pylon structural calculations.

Rooftop sites

Rooftop sites are located in urban areas. Antennas are installed on wall-mounted poles or pole frames located on the roof of a building. Such sites require careful engineering to preserve the structural integrity of the existing roof or wall. A special type of rooftop site is on historic buildings. Such sites require extra care with regard to the design and appearance of the antennas to be installed. We at Conbit are often complimented for our respectful designs of telecom sites on historic buildings.

Greenfield sites

Conbit provides engineering services for new and existing greenfield sites. We are specialised in foundation engineering, as well as tower selection and calculations.

Greenfield sites have freestanding tall structures to support antennas. The choice of tower structure depends on the number of antennas, their wind area and the type of soil. Options include a lattice, tubular or guy-wired tower.

Greenfield sites are located near highways, country roads, sport fields and industrial areas. The antennas and dishes may be mounted directly to the tower or on a secondary supporting structure.

Tower reinforcement

Many towers have reached the limit of their load-bearing capacity. Conbit has developed Latics for reinforcement of towers: a solution for greater strength and less deflection of your telecom tower.


Tower services for the telecom industry

Rope Access Services

Conbit has a team highly experienced IRATA rope access technicians who assist in various on and offshore activities world wide

Tower Reinforcement

A unique tower-reinforcement system that strengthens existing telecom towers and increases their antenna-carrying capacity.

Telecom Engineering

Conbit provides specialised engineering services for mobile telecom networks, including all engineering related to construction of antenna sites.

Guy Wire Towers

Conbit is specialised in servicing guy-wired towers,Our services include: structural engineering, reverse engineering, inspection, repair, maintenance and certification.

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High voltage pylon elevation

Greenfield site

Rooftop site

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