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Conbit is specialised in tower services for different industrial sectors. Our wide-ranging services include structural design, procurement, construction, installation, maintenance and demolition of towers. Working in stacks requires special techniques. Access of crew, materials and equipment is always a challenge. Conbit’s experienced rope-access technicians are specialised in such work. We repair, maintain and/or replace piping work, electrical work, painting, steel-members, nuts and bolts, etc.

Conbit provides various services for stacks and chimneys in the oil and gas (offshore) and the petrochemical (onshore) industries. Our services include structural design, construction, installation, maintenance and demolition of all kinds of stacks.

Guy-wire structures

Conbit is specialised in servicing guy-wired structures. Our services include: (reverse) engineering, construction, maintenance and certification. The pre-tensioned guy wires, which provide the structural stability, need to be in good condition and at the correct tension. This demands a strict and consistent maintenance protocol to keep the structure safe. Conbit provides full maintenance service for guy-wired structures. Have a look at our guy-wired towers webpage for more information.


Conbit has a long and excellent track record in structural engineering of hundreds of towers of all kinds, including lattice towers, tubular towers, guy-wired towers and high-voltage pylons, etc. Whether you have an existing tower to maintain or modify or you need to construct a new tower, Conbit engineers will gladly apply their expertise to help you. For example, A mobile telecom network consists of thousands of antenna locations. Conbit provides complete engineering packages for the construction of mobile network locations. Mainly in the Netherlands, Conbit has established a long and excellent track record in engineering for a wide variety of location types.

Conbit has developed its unique Latics brand of tower reinforcements. If your tower lacks load-bearing capacity, Latics tower reinforcements are the likely solution.

Designing a flare stack begins with analyzing the flare’s thermal radiation. Conbit, together with its specialised partners, calculates the thermal radiation to determine a suitable height for your stack. The initial ingredients in a design concept are stack height, the necessary equipment in the stack, and client requirements regarding stack accessibility. In designing stacks, Conbit priorities effectiveness and safety but also focuses on practicality of maintenance. As Conbit frequently executes stack maintenance, we have the necessary know-how on this and other aspects.

Flare-tip replacement

Many stacks support a flare. One of Conbit’s special services is maintenance, repair and/or replacement of flare tips, both onshore and offshore. For more information, see flare tip replacement.

Online flare works

Conbit has developed its own hydro-shield solution for working in stacks while the flare is burning. This avoids costly shutdown days. The Conbit hydro shield is a water-curtain solution combined with special safety procedures. It provides for safe evacuation of crew working in the stack when flaring starts. An important aspect of using a hydro-shield solution is risk assessment and safety analysis engineering. During this initial phase, the flare heat, flare emission, warning time, evacuation time and working area are analysed. The system is adapted for optimum safety and, if necessary, additional measures are taken, depending on the type and nature of the necessary operations. For this reason, Conbit is often requested to execute the works and provide the hydro-shield solution.

Retractable stacks

Conbit offers a unique combination of special lifting and structural engineering know-how. These two areas of know-how come together in Conbit’s retractable stack services. We design, supply, construct, install and execute retractable systems. Whether you need a new retractable stack or have an existing retractable stack that needs maintaining, Conbit is your reliable partner.

Supply and construction of stacks

Together with our partners, we supply and construct new stacks. We always work together with local partners when it comes to supplying steel, civil works and crane rental. Conbit can also install stacks in extremely challenging locations using our specialised equipment. Especially offshore, but also in onshore areas where limited cranes are available, Conbit offers a unique combination of expertise for safe and effective stack operations.

Towers & stacks per market

Stacks for Offshore Oil & Gas

Conbit provides stacks for the oil and gas industry.

Towers for Telecom

Conbit provides towers and tower reinforcement for the telecom industry.

Stacks for Petrochemical

Conbit provides stacks for the petrochemical industry.
  • Conbit Team managed to execute the work successfully, safely and ahead of schedule. Consequently, the shutdown period was shortened and the production was resumed 1 full day earlier.

    Yospong Sooparnich
    Yospong Sooparnich PTTEP
  • Management was very happy with the performance of the execution because it was critical activity that was completed on time, on budget and safely

    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera
    Jericho Paolo O. Rivera Shell
  • An excellent job, guys. Really a demonstration of professional approach, planning and execution of a very demanding challenge. I am fully satisfied with the job done, also with the personal approach of each individual throughout. - Thank you!

    Thomas K. Hansen
    Thomas K. Hansen Tennet

Towers & Stacks services and solutions

Case Studies

Flare tip replacement, D-Island, Kazakhstan

Flare tip replacement, Kashagan Onshore Processing Facility

Flare tip replacement, Marlin B, Australia

Guy wire tensioning for Fadhili Gas Programme

Conbit was contracted to undertake the necessary inspection and maintenance of the guy wires six per flare, and ensure that all five greenfield flares were vertical for NHS, with Saudi Aramco as [...]

Guy wire maintenance – Oman

Conbit was contracted to perform the tensioning work to a flare stack for OXY OCCIDENTAL in Oman. The end termination of the wire ropes had to be reinstated to the prescribed minimum of seven [...]

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